venerdì 9 marzo 2012

Look # 203


Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. LENE3(LB)SGB Mall  (milok hermit) lucky board 
Freckles:  -tb- Freckles  (Julliette Westerburg)
Hair:  ""D!va"" Hair "Miu" (Type A)(Citrine)  (Marisa Kira)  New!!
Feathers:  (fd) Hair Stuff (Kill The White Swan)  (Toast Bard)
Inner shirt:  jane. salmon  (janie marlowe)
Shirt:  *GF* Lace Tops "Lucy" -ivory-  (Cerberus Noel)
Coat:  *LpD* - *Imagine* Coat and Dress Hope  (Nevery Lorakeet)  New!!
Jeans:  (Milk Motion) my boyfriend jeans  (Marie Lauridsen) |last 50 lindens friday- still available|
Flats:  [e] Flair Flats - Watermelon  (elikapeka tiramisu) |past group gift|
Bag:  Tee*fy my ugly scary cat bag  (Azure Electricteeth)  current group gift  
Earrings:  Meena Afghan Kuchi Earrings  (Trill Zapatero)  free
Poses from madeleine (xanadu capelo)

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