domenica 2 settembre 2012

-Glam Affair- Lilith

Please, give your warm welcome to the last Glam Affair creation: Lilith :)
She has the same Cassiopea's soft body and such an adorable face.
I've used Europa tone in this post but in the store you will also find darker and lighter tone (six tones in total).
-Glam Affair- Lilith

Each skin pack contains the choosen skin in red, brown and blonde eyebrows versions, the bald and hairbase version, 3 different eyebrows shapes, a clean version and (!!!) 6 different lipstick as tattoo layer. 
12 are the makeups available,both natural and fresh and both sophisticated and rich in colors. 

-Glam Affair- Lilith

                                                    Here's your TP to Glam Affair

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